Reliable Service for over 25 Years!

Travelling along long Island has never been easier! At Long Island Limousine Service we emphasize on making sure our clients get the best out of our service. Travelling to airports and other distant places is not really simple to begin with, but how about making that trip prompt, consistent and easy? Now you’ve figured it out, the transportation service which you can count on; dependable, fast and trouble-free with your safety and comfort assured the moment you give us a call at the long island limousine service.

Rest assured that you can now be putting an end to exorbitant pricing with Lyft and Uber, An end to taxis seeming eccentric and not being available at the required time and waiting around in queues to come across an available cab.

Our Long Island Limo Service is driven by the basic necessitate of ensuring secure, protected and comfortable transport for our clients. Over the years, our customers have shown reliance in Roslyn Limousine owing to our dependable service, professional support staff, compliant drivers available around the clock, and fully maintained fleet of cars ready for last minute dispatch notifications.

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Reaching the most awaited destination without any hassle about the traffic and provided suitable time management, we will be taking care of it all, So that you may relax and enjoy the trip as at long island limousine, our #1 priority is to make our clients feel of our service as a dream come true and that’s one of the main things that distinguishes us from competitors.

Take one of the most suitable opportunities to travel along with us, because you will never regret collaborating with Long Island limousine as with us, a top class, advanced ride filled with relief and ease you deserve, is guaranteed. Our state of the art service within just one ride will forever be something you can count upon. As your safety and comfort would require no concession and that will always be a promise.

Weddings? Parties? Proms? We have it settled for all

Whether it be a wedding at Hicksville or a bachelor party at Brentwood, we will have just the right pick for you, from lavish limousines to deluxe town cars, everything available within a minute or two of your call. With a state of the art vehicle specialization for each and every occasion we will not cease to provide you with the most preeminent option available.

Therefore you are guaranteed to have a calm and joyful experience throughout the time you journey with us. By choosing us to do the honors, you accomplish more than just a vehicle itself, you alight your special day in the liability of the corporation that is going to get the eminence of your experience to the premier regard.

Affordability in Its Finest

At Long island limousine service, affordability is guaranteed, forever and always. We’re not just affordable, along with having our prices reasonable and rational, we also offer discounts and promotions on clients signing up from business accounts and as it is said; “The first time is the finest” we also provide our clients with exclusive discounts on their very first booking with us. Our pricing itself is transparent as at Long island limousine surge pricing is not favored and is highly discouraged.